F 1200

Gear F 1200 lockable * Lockable gear with crank to operate large and heavy windows

Gear F 1200 lockable with crank Cranked turn-and-tilt fitting system, ease of use for heavy and large windows
  • Crank gear with fold-out crank
  • Crank also serves as a handle
  • Visual display with specific function setting of the window
  • Turning position possible only for authorised persons
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Application Areas

  • Large and heavy windows up to 200 kg leaf weight
  • Inward-opening rectangular windows with bottom-hung and side-hung leaves
  • Outward-opening top-hung leaf:
  • Installation on aluminium windows
  • Can variably be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Leaf installation

Technical data

Gear F 1200 lockable
Lockable Yes

Variants & Accessories


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