TSA 325 NT

TSA 325 NT Manual * Manual revolving door system for three- or four-leaf doors

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  • The door leaves can be activated by gently pushing them
  • More cost-effective than automatic drives, since safety devices according to EN 16005 are no longer needed
  • Precise closing of the door leaves with the side walls
  • Effective insulation effect against draughts, weather and noise
  • Optional speed limiter regulates the peripheral speed when reaching the max. limiting speed
  • Optional automatic positioning device returns the door to its original position after a person has passed through it
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Application Areas

  • Three- and four-leaf door systems
  • Interior and exterior doors with low access frequency
  • Representative building entrances with large incidence of light
  • Façades with slim mullion-transom constructions
  • Glass façades with the highest design standards
  • Inner diameter ranging from 1800 to 3600 mm possible
  • Suitable profile systems are fine-framed profile systems with ISO and mono glass, all-glass systems (GGS) and integrated all-glass systems (IGG)

Technical data

TSA 325 NT Manual
Manual operation Yes
With speed limiter (optional) Yes
With positioning device (optional) Yes
Servo function Yes
Inner diameter (min.) 1800 mm
Inner diameter (max.) 3600 mm
For 3-leaf door systems Yes
For 4-leaf door systems Yes
Clear passage height 3000 mm
Canopy height (min.) 75 mm
Side elements version 10 mm LSG, 22 mm panel lining, 34 mm smooth-surface panel, Special glass on request
Version of roof structure As dust protection roof with wood covering, optical sheet metal covering, waterproof roof with waterspout
Illumination with roof variant
Floor covering Entrance mat, Entrance mat according to customer wishes
Hot-air curtain system Electric air curtain, hot water air curtain, possible, depends on the ceiling construction
Night-time closer layout Inside, Outside
Night-time closer type Manual, Automatic
Night-time closer design 10 mm LSG, 22 mm ISO glass, 22 mm panel lining, Special glass on request
Lock Manual, Rod, electromechanical
Door handles horizontal or vertical Yes
Floor ring Yes
Underfloor operator Yes
Disabled person's button Yes
Standard conformity DIN 18650, EN 16005


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