Wireless extensions

Smoke detector with detector base * Smoke detector for GEZE hold-open systems with fail-safe function according to EN2535

Smoke detector with base
  • Optical smoke detection
  • Relay base supplies and operates the GEZE door closer - no separate transformer is necessary
  • Needs just one cable from the smoke detector to the GEZE door closer
  • Stable conversion from 230 V to 24 V prevents ripple voltage and ensures the correct voltage for the GEZE door closer
  • Loud alarm: 85 dB (A) at a 3 m distance
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Application Areas

  • For the early detection of fires in hold-open systems

Technical data

Smoke detector with detector base
Ambient temperature 0 °C - 40 °C
Supply voltage 24 V DC
IP rating IP54
Type of installation Ceiling
Area of application Inside

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